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Why dnsdumpster?

Dumpster diving is a term used in the information security and hacking communities when referring to intelligence collection through the physical act of looking through someones rubbish. This sort of activity can reveal passwords, login accounts, software configurations, IP addresses, email addresses and other technical information that can be used when preparing targets for a security vulnerability scan or a targeted attack against an organization.

This online dns tool collects domain name data, this information can be used as a precursor to a security vulnerability assessment, for research purposes or troubleshooting.

About HackerTarget.com

HackerTarget.com has been providing vulnerability assessment tools and services online since 2008. Using world class open source security tools, end users and security professionals are able to get fast Free access to security scanning that is performed externally. This is useful as it simulates the types of attacks and probes that may be performed by attackers.

Full details of the Free Scanning Options are available at our parent site.